5 Best Air Conditioner (AC) Brands in India

5 Best AC Brands in India 2022


With the summer season coming onboard in India, one could say that it is the best time to furnish your house with an air conditioner and beat the heat waves. An air conditioner, these days, is much more than an appliance providing relief from the heat. 


Over the years, air conditioners have updated their service system with features like air purification round the year, humidity control during the monsoon season as well as being used as heaters during winters. 


The demand for air conditioners has considerably risen over a period of time, thereby putting the brands under the challenge of providing the best service and meeting the needs of the customers. Buying an electronics appliance is not as easy as shopping for clothes. It is a massive investment. 


Choosing the right type of AC and the brand which fulfills your needs can become quite difficult at times. A buyer should lookup for the key features and characteristics of an AC, before actually choosing a brand.


Listed below are some of those characteristics, which could be helpful during the purchase: 


  • Choosing the right type: Depending upon your budget, the infrastructure of your home, and your basic requirement, you can come to a conclusion as to which type of air conditioner would be best suited for you. Typically, there are three types to pick from window AC, split AC, and portable AC.  


  • The cooling capacity of the air conditioner: Cooling capacity refers to the amount of heat the air conditioner can eliminate from the air in a period of time. Finding the right AC according to your room is highly important, therefore, buying the appliance with the correct cooling capacity is equally important.


  • Energy efficiency: Identifying the right appliance when it comes to power efficiency is quite a task. To help you with that, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has come up with standardized energy-efficient ratings in the form of stars. It is best to pick an AC having at least 3 stars, if not 5. Nevertheless, the choice should be made upon the usage pattern rather than just blindly picking up 3 or 5-star air conditioners.


air conditioner

With the increase in wealth across countries due to international development, the use of air conditioners has also increased globally. From first being used in big industries and corporations, to being installed in small showrooms and houses, air conditioners have traversed a lot. Multiple innovations and additions to the system have made a ubiquitous influence on air conditioners in our daily life. 


Selecting the right brand and the right air conditioner is not as easy as it seems. Even when you are clear about the features and the type of air conditioner you want, choosing the right brand is also quite a task. 


With so many brands available in the market, the one that fits you and your needs should be chosen diligently and effectively. There are thousands of brands in the business of air conditioner production, some of which are centuries old and some which are still building their name in the market. 


The list of the air conditioner brands in India is quite long to be mentioned here. But few of the best and the most reliable brands which are being used, are mentioned below.


1. Daikin

Daikin is a Japanese multinational air conditioning manufacturing company and one of the oldest in the market. It is an innovator in the split system of air conditioning, developing the first split and multi-split air conditioners.  The company also offers personalized assistance at the local level.


Daikin offers a variety of products to fit any home with additional perks like AHRI certification and warranties lasting for years. Also known to embrace the international quality checks that work towards the protection of the environment by less power consumption and reduced noise levels.


2. Haier

Haier is a Chinese multinational company, having expertise in home appliances and consumer electronics. According to stats, Haier has been the number one brand globally for ten consecutive years and has also been recognized as the most valuable IoT ecosystem brand in the world. 


Haier became the first company in China to get ISO 9001 certification due to its transformation towards quality-driven manufacturing. They have also developed an environmentally sustainable strategy to improve the environment by conserving energy. Haier has a wide range of residential air conditioners with an affordable price range, thereby, proving to be one of the best air conditioner brands in India.


3. Carrier

Carrier Global Corporation is an American-based multinational home appliances company. The company’s determination toward excellence and technological innovations have set a gold standard for the industry, making it an absolute favorite among homes and business owners. 


They tend to have set up meticulous environmental performance targets to create eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for the planet. Carrier has a wide array of products to choose from, and guarantees to provide the customer with a product that is built to last, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly.


4. Lloyd 

Lloyd is an Indian brand, owned by Havells India. It has built a niche across the country with its untarnished quality standards and unmatched products, service, and warranty. The brand has been constantly evolving with new-age innovations and smarter solutions. 


Speaking of air conditioners, Lloyd offers its customers a wide range of products with new features like Wireless control and eco-friendly air conditioners with Inverter and 4D suction technologies, PM2.5 filter for cleaner air, and many more innovative additions to its key features. All these add-on features have made the brand famous among the buyers.


5. LG 

LG Electronics is a South Korean multinational electronics company. The company’s philosophy is to understand its customers and their needs and to offer them smart solutions and new experiences through limitless innovations. They tend to stick with their fundamentals along with providing modern-age creations and solutions to their customers.


LG also promises its buyers incredible after-sales services due to its vast network of service agencies across the country. It also offers durable units as well as a whole variety of products to choose from. Thus, making it one of the best.



Air conditioners have a huge demand all over the nation and the brands put in their best efforts to provide us with excellent products to meet our needs and our expenses as well. 


Therefore, I believe this article would have helped you to get a clear picture of how and where to look for the best quality products without struggling too much.


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Content written by Aadika Gupta

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