5 Best Crypto Exchanges in India

The cryptocurrency market is indeed a new avenue in the financial world, with limitless possibilities. In India, crypto is exploding. However, in an attempt to implement the most out of this dynamic place, you must have the appropriate technology in place. It is now simpler than ever to purchase, trade, and swap cryptocurrencies for paper currencies, kudos to crypto exchanges.


The crypto exchange is, of course, among the most important of such tools. It is not difficult to discover a cryptocurrency exchange nowadays, but it is more difficult to select the appropriate one just for oneself. Now, we will be having a list of the top five cryptocurrency exchanges present in India, and also a quick review of each one.


Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange In India


1. WazirX

WazirX is a cryptocurrency exchange that lets users buy, sell, manage, and analyze cryptocurrencies. India’s leading crypto exchange, WazirX has over 12 million active users. It provides a platform as well as a collection of services to support you in trading cryptocurrencies.

The exchange is quite good and includes a number of features that can assist you in improving the overall track of your transactions and holdings, conducting analyses, and trading automatically. The tools are intended to make it simple for anybody to get began dealing in cryptocurrencies and to offer you the information, equipment, and assistance you need to improve your trading skills.


The exchange offers a trading-friendly UI as well as instructional resources on cryptocurrency trading. WazirX imposes a 0.20 percent commission on every deal’s trade value, as well as a reduction depending on WRX assets. They offer single-window connectivity to the world’s largest and most active marketplaces, allowing traders to exchange cryptocurrencies such as Solana, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and others.

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2. CoinDCX

CoinDCX is a cryptocurrency wallet and a newcomer Indian cryptocurrency exchange. It is one of India’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges platform and has received considerable funding from Coinbase. They offer you a choice of more than 100 coins to swap. The exchange promotes crypto in India by teaching newcomers about the marketplace and trading.


CoinDCX allows you to monitor the cryptocurrency price in India at any moment. They have only 5% of their consumers’ total cryptocurrency stored within Hot wallets. Your private details are safe and protected, and no one on the team has access to it. CoinDCX offers you the two-factor identification as well as notifications for each trade.


They also offer insurance, which also will compensate your loss in the event of a data breach. On cash deposits, CoinDCX levies a fee. UPI payments, on the other hand, are free or have a little fee. They demand a consumer fee of 0.1 percent and a provider fee of 0.1 percent, which is lower than their opponents.


They do, however, levy a substantial fee of 0.001 BTC for each BTC transfer. To start trading, you may invest INR or crypto. NEFT, Bank transfers, UPI, net banking, and IMPS are all options for depositing INR. You may make an immediate money transfer to receive your earnings in INR.


3. Bitbns

Bitbns is among the exchange with the UI that is both appealing and straightforward. It was created with the gradual speed of a newcomer in consideration, as well as those of the needs of an investment. They offer a wide range of capabilities as well as a lot of freedom. Fill out the form and start cryptocurrency investing, these are two small processes of completing the registration procedure.


Bitbns gives you the ability to manage your transactions, allowing you to select the price at which you want to trade your investments in advance. Bitbns keeps nearly all of its customers’ funds in frozen storage and takes great care to protect its customers’ identities. Furthermore, Bitbns is provided with the greatest Grade-A security tool, ensuring the safety of all your transactions.


Bitbns allows security firms and people to investigate them throughout all networks and uncover flaws in their network, ensuring that there is no risk of a breach. They also offer two-factor login to protect customer data. You can contact them by submitting a complaint, and they will contact you to address your problems.


Users who do not have a VIP ticket are charged a fixed 0.25 percent trading fee by Bitbns. If you have a minimum of $25 in BNS tokens, you can access VIP services instantly. All primary payment methods are supported by Bitbns. RTGS, NEFT, UPI, Net banking, and P2P deposits are additional options.


4. CoinSwitch Kuber

CoinSwitch Kuber is among the best crypto exchange available in India. This exchange has received money from well-known financiers and venture capital organizations such as Sequoia Capital and others. It offers you to invest in up to 100 different cryptocurrencies and claims to have profitable trading prices in the market.


Create a new account for investing on the exchange using your phone number. However, you will not be able to trade until you have completed the KYC. To secure your profile on the exchange you can use a 4-digit passcode. According to CoinSwitch Kuber, the very first 1 lakh users on the site would not be charged a transaction fee for about the first three months.


Individuals have been attracted to CoinSwitch Kuber because of its easy UI and strong promotion. Transfers of INR can be made using UPI, NEFT, or bank transfers on the top cryptocurrency exchange. However, the platform refuses to divulge details about its security mechanisms for safeguarding digital currencies. The general service system has to be improved, and the transaction information is lacking.


5. Binance

Binance, one of India’s leading crypto exchanges, allows users to buy and sell over 370 cryptocurrencies, like Cardano, BNB, Bitcoin, XRP, GRT, and others. The best feature of this exchange is that traders can earn income on all of their assets. Furthermore, Binance India, like WazirX, allows traders to exchange P2P, perform complex investing techniques like future deals, engage in short selling, and so on.


Binance India lets customers hold cryptocurrency at cheap rates and borrow capital on their digital currencies. Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao, a programmer who had previously worked on trading systems.


Content Written by Barkha Sachdeva

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