DoodleMaker Review with Pros and Cons 2022

DoodleMaker Review:

Have you ever wondered how people create animated training videos? Well, it’s all because of the DoodleMaker. Doodle videos also known as Whiteboard Animation Videos are animated training videos. In this type of video, a hand-drawn cartoon speaks about the marketing message as a narrator.


As you know, these days people prefer to gain knowledge through videos rather than reading. And what better if it’s an animation video. A cartoon talking about marketing engages the audience and helps them to gain information.


There is so much content out in the world, that you need to be unique in spreading your information and doodles are the best way to attract the audience. It is one of the most effective and successful ways to get your marketing messages across.


What is a DoodleMaker?

DoodleMaker is an AI-based doodle-making application that helps you in making animated videos in no time. The application makes it easier for its customers as it provides 300+ ready-made templates, access to unlimited HD video making, multilingual text to speech and vice versa facility, Whiteboard, and many more.


Do you want to know a cool thing about this application? Even a beginner with no knowledge about doodles or animation can end up creating one of the most viral doodle videos easily.



doodlemaker founders

Let’s discuss the founders of this cool application. Paul Ponna is the founder as well as the father of DoodleMaker. He is an award-winning tech entrepreneur, speaker, author & consultant with over 14 years of experience online from Canada. Backing him is the Co-founder, Sid Diwar who is an experienced tech entrepreneur, software developer, and marketing consultant from Canada.


What are the features of DoodleMaker?

It’s the unique features of this application that make it different. So, let’s discuss some of its features:

1. 300+ ready-made templates: 

DoodleMaker provides its customers with 300+ whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board video templates. It makes sure that all the templates are updated with the latest trends. They even have realistic human voice-overs, effects, and animations.


2. AI Video Translation: 

You can even upload a video or paste a YouTube URL, and it automatically converts any video with voice. Then the AI translation engine will automatically create an attention-seeking video in over 30+ languages.


3. High-quality doodle images & icons: 

You can even customize your masterpiece from the included library of doodle images, Pixabay / icon finder integration, or by uploading your images.


4. Image to sketch converter: 

DoodleMaker has a unique feature where you can turn any image into a sketch doodle in seconds. You can add unlimited varieties to make anything unique. You can download your doodle videos in 720P or 1080 full HD to share on any platform. It already has YouTube and Vimeo Publisher which saves a lot of time.


5. Built-in professional transitions: 

Transitions always enhance the quality of the video. You can add next-gen doodle style transitions to add an extra POP and professional feel to your videos. You can add transitions to your text and images like fade-in, slide-from-bottom, slide from left-to-right, or hand-paint with 1-click.


6. Text to speech: 

You can easily generate a beautiful human-like voiceover in your selected language using Text-to-speech. You can easily translate the original text into the language of your choice.


What is the pricing structure of DoodleMaker?

doodle maker pricing

1. White Label ($497 One Time)

  • Rebrand with your logo and branding to make the app your own. (Once in a lifetime opportunity)
  • Unlimited Sub-accounts, sell as many copies as you like.
  • Set your price.
  • Done-for-you VSL to sell the app as your own.
  • Done-for-you Sales Page – graphics and copywriting done to convert prospects into sales.  
  • We manage app hosting and software updates: Sell without hassles

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2. Deluxe Upgrade ($49 One Time)

  • New templates Monthly for 1 Year (One-Time Price): Brand new customizable whiteboard, glass board, and blackboard templates added to your account each month for 1 year (no monthly fees).
  • Ready-Made Human Voice Overs for All-New Templates (Male and Female) – save money, no need to hire expensive voice artists.
  • Ready-Made Video Scripts Written by a Copywriter for All-New Templates (Modify as You Like) Crafted to convert your prospects into sales!
  • 56 Additional Premium Text-To-Speech Voices In 29 languages.
  • Premium Royalty-Free Music Files (for your doodle videos)
  • Priority Video Rendering – Google Cloud Server (Get your videos rendered faster than other customers without waiting in line)
  • Priority Access to Future App Updates: Deluxe members get all the future feature updates first before other members so they can stay on the cutting edge without working about saturation or competition.

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3. Toon Video Maker App ($39)

Go beyond doodle videos and add new TOON videos to your marketing toolbox. Cartoon videos have proven to be a way to maximize results. The largest Fortune 500 companies use Toon video to market their services.  cartoon video is the most popular video format after graffiti video. You can sell each video you make for between $300 and $500 each.

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4. Client Engine App ($29)

Client Engine software allows users to find the best-paying customers to sell a video or any other service. This is perfect for anyone who wants to sell their doodle videos created with Doodle Maker for the best price. 


The software allows users to search the top 5 job sites from a single platform. No need to visit many websites to find jobs and people looking for video creation services.

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What are the Pros and Cons of DoodleMaker?


  1. DoodleMaker uses the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  2. You can create whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board doodle videos in minutes using just one application or software.
  3. You can easily convert any existing video of yours into doodle animation videos effortlessly using next-generation Software.  
  4. It has the best text-to-speech engine in the world. You can create quality videos in any language you want without having to record your voice.
  5. You can shock the whole world without any professional experience by making professional animation videos with the help of 300+ ready-made templates.
  6. You just have to start with a simple article, text script, or content piece and the app will create a professional Doodle whiteboard video in seconds without ever having to do additional work.
  7. It has a library full of high-quality icons, images, and content that you can easily import into the app to create even more HD-quality videos.
  8. There is even a library full of soundtracks for you to create a unique doodle video with all the bells and whistles.
  9. It is cloud-based which means the video creation happens on the enterprise-grade Google and Amazon servers.



There aren’t many cons about the DoodleMaker but, because it is a cloud-based application, it requires you to update the software each time you see an alert from the server.


Everything is stored on a cloud server; it requires an active internet connection which will help you to fetch in-built media files and add more (auto-saves).



So, DoodleMaker can be used to create great animated content to engage your audience. It has some really unique tools or features, which if used properly can enhance the quality of your video. So, what are you waiting for? Go and explore the tool here!


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