Highlights at Consumer Electronics Show – CES 2020

CES – The Global Stage For Innovation

Consumer Electronics Show CES  is a trade show conducted by the Consumer Technology Association ( CTA ) every year in the month of January in Las Vegas, United States.

It is an annual show where all the new innovations in electronics are introduced here at the beginning of the year. It started on June 24, 1967, in New York City, U.S, and then it will continue every year only once in Las Vegas since 1998.

CES Consumer Electronics Show

We have a sibling for this CES known as CES Asia. It is also an annual show conducted in the month of June in Shanghai, China. Some of the major innovations we are using in the present days and going to use in the near future are introduced in CES and they give CES innovation awards every year.

All the tech companies and the people who are in the consumer technology industry are eligible to attend this event, and the general public is not allowed to attend CES.

Some of the major themes at CES 2020 are Artificial intelligence (AI), 5G and mobile connectivity, Digital health, Eureka park, and many more.

Highlights at Consumer Electronics Show CES 2020


Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold

The first-ever foldable laptop launched by Lenovo in CES 2020 with excellent features. We have seen the foldable phones but here the first foldable laptop was launched by Lenovo.

LG Transparent OLED screen and TV’s

LG launches its new OLED panels which are transparent and flexible at CES 2020. This transparent OLED screen has so many applications in the future.

Sony Concept Electric car

Sony Vision S -new Sony car name. Sony surprises with the concept of the electric car at CES 2020 with some excellent features.

OnePlus Concept one phone

OnePlus announced their new concept phone on invisible cameras at CES 2020. This phone will be seen in the next generation OnePlus McLaren edition.

Samsung QLED 8k TV

New Samsung announced its 8k bezel-less TV  at CES 2020. This TV has an 8k resolution screen with no bezels.

Samsung Rotating TV

Another Samsung New rotating TV launched in CES 2020. This TV gives us the mobile user experience with portrait mode.

Samsung Neon project in AI

New project announced by Samsung. They announced their Neon project which takes AI to the next level by digital human robots at CES 2020.

Samsung New SSD with fingerprints

Also, Samsung announces its New SSD with excellent speed and with fingerprint with 500GB and 1TB models.

And so many companies launched their new products and some new innovations in this CES 2020.


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