How Much Money to Spend on Mobile Phones? 2021

“How much money to spend on mobile phones?” is the major question in everyone’s mind who wants to buy a new mobile phone or upgrade their old one with a new smartphone.


But the answer depends only on you and your financial status because you are the real customer who pays money for the manufacturer.

Mobile phones are a need for every one of us. And we spend around 3 to 4 hours in front of mobile screens every day. 

In fact, many of us really don’t need a mobile because they do not use basic functions in mobile like calling, messaging, etc. 

They only check their email and business works on the mobile so they don’t want the best mobiles for gaming, streaming, etc.


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So in this article, let’s discuss how much money to spend on mobile phones?

How Much Money To Spend on Mobile phones?

How much should you spend on a phone?  If you are good at finance and you are in a higher class family or rich family then you can buy any mobile you want at any cost like $1000 or $1500 premium mobiles in the market.


But if you are in a middle class or lower-middle-class family then you can spend $100 to $300 for a smartphone that is also good but if you don’t have a much level of income as the rich person but you want to buy a $1000 mobile phone for your prestige in the society then this will pay you further circumstances.


If you have a professional job or any business and you have a high-income level of something which helps you to live, then you can buy any mobile at your respective budget for a mobile phone.


But if you are a student or graduate without any job or work then you don’t have to spend much money on a smartphone.

So many students in present society are addicted to mobile phones and they demand their parents to buy a $500 or $700 flagship mobile phone for gaming but their parent’s income level is at the middle class or below middle class.


This is what happens when the social students or children Don’t understand their parents’ struggle and financial status for their comforts and they demand that if you don’t buy this mobile then I will leave you or I will die.

That’s really a foolish thing to demand from their parents to buy a new mobile for gaming or any other unnecessary things.


how much money to spend on mobile phones

Correct Value For a Mobile Phone:

And now the mid-range mobiles at the price ranges of $200 to $300 (₹10000 to ₹20000)  have also some excellent specifications for that price segment and the performance is also good compared with the premium mobiles.


If you are a student or undergraduate without any job then the mobiles at a price range of ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 are best for you.

And you can choose one mobile from so many good mobiles in the market at ₹15,000 for a good price for performance. 


This price range is suitable for all of us to spend on a mobile phone but some of us want to buy a costly phone to show others, this is a bad idea and your life is important only for you, not the others so you can live with what you have earned on your own.


For example, if you buy a new mobile in the price range of $1000 then you will lose your phone or be stolen by someone else then you get disappointed very much and you feel very bad if you don’t have money to buy the mobile at the same price.


Just think that if you buy a mobile at $200 then your mobile is stolen by someone else then you aren’t disappointed much but some feeling in the mind for some days then you can buy a new mobile at the same price.

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Is it worth spending money on mobile phones?

My answer is definitely YES, it is worth to spend money on mobile phones up to some extent. But spending too much money is not required for us.

Smartphones give us very information and as well as it a necessary gadget for everyone in their daily life.

So, it is fine to spend some money on smartphones.

Why flagship or premium mobiles are so expensive?

Every year smartphone companies launch their new flagship mobile in the market with all the best specifications in hardware compared with the last generation.


So the price of the new product is increased by what the manufacturer wants to give the best phone in the market. For that, they use high-end equipment in mobile phone manufacturing.


And so many companies like Apple, Samsung, andGoogle cost more than normal prices. This extra money is majorly spent on research and development and on employee salaries.


Strategies of smartphone manufacturing companies:

But the present leading companies in mid-range mobiles majorly focussed on the mobiles at a price range of Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000


Also, all the mobile manufacturing companies give their best products at that price range and the customers have so many good options at that price range, this mobile companies’ competition is also helpful to the customers and also companies.


And smartphone manufacturing companies also give the best specifications for that price range.

But after the GST hike on smartphones in India, every mobile manufacturer increased the prices of their mobiles.


And they are still increasing the prices of their products by crossing their limits, this will cause buyers to fear to buy new mobile phones.

My Verdict: Money to Spend on mobile phones

Not only the money we spend on mobile phones to buy them matters but also the money we spend on mobile recharges, and premium memberships in so many mobile application memberships. 


So remember that before buying a premium mobile just think of your financial status, and also your usage of mobile phones.


You may remember this “mobile phone is a depreciation asset”, which means if you spend money on it then the value of it decreases along with time.

But mobile phones are necessary for us and also mobiles have so many advantages like we can learn, earn money, share knowledge, etc. 


So use your mobile phone for good things only in a good manner. I hope you can get some knowledge about ‘How much money to spend on mobile phones?’ after reading this article.


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