How To Increase Battery Life of Android and iPhones 2021

Our Smartphone battery lasts for only a few hours(6 to 8 hours), but if you follow these tips to increase the battery life of Android and iPhones, then you can get 2 more hours of battery backup.


By changing some minor things in your smartphone by following these tips you can definitely get more battery backup than the normal one.


We all are using electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, smart wearables, etc. But the power in those devices is limited because of their battery life and battery backup.


Humans solve every problem, but the battery backup of electronics is only a few days. We cannot find the solution to this problem till now, but in the future, we may expect the battery backup of gadgets like mobiles and laptops for a few weeks and months by using Graphene batteries.


So we can’t increase the battery backup for very long days, but we can increase it by one or two days by using some tips.


This article is mainly about 2 major things. They are given below.

1. How to increase battery backup

2. How to increase battery life span and age


increase the battery life of android and iphones

15 Tips to Increase the Battery Backup of your Smartphone


1. Avoid Auto-Brightness

Some of us are using auto-brightness in our smartphones, this is a nice automatic brightness feature, but due to using this feature, our smartphone battery drains very quickly.


Auto brightness in mobiles


So try to disable the auto-brightness option in your smartphone to increase some battery backup. And use the normal brightness feature in your android and iPhones at low or medium brightness levels to increase the battery life.


If your Android or iPhone is having OLED or AMOLED or Super AMOLED displays, then using the black color wallpapers gives much more battery backup than the IPS LCD display mobiles.


Because OLED and AMOLED displays are using the RGB colored LEDs in their display panel, if we are using black colors in our display then the LEDs remain in the OFF condition and give more battery life.


2. Stop using Live wallpapers 

Live wallpapers are more attractive than the normal ones, but using these live wallpapers in our android and iPhones, the battery drains very quickly.


And also using white wallpapers or any other vibrant colored wallpapers on our smartphone reduces battery life. The solution for the wallpapers in our smartphones is to use Black colored wallpapers instead of colored wallpapers and Live wallpapers.


3. Enable Dark Mode/Dark theme

Every Smartphone launched recently has this System Dark Mode or Dark Theme in its settings. If you can enable this feature, then you will definitely notice the difference in battery backup of your smartphone before and after using the Dark theme.


Dark theme in mobiles


This dark mode is mainly helpful for OLED and AMOLED displays, because of the reason mentioned above. This is also good in IPS displays also because using the dark mode, our eyes don’t strain much easily.


4. Turn off Unnecessary App Notifications & Disable Unused Apps

Tens of apps are present in our smartphones, some of them are preinstalled and some are installed by ourselves. So many apps are present on our mobiles, but we regularly use only a few of them. And some of the installed apps on our mobiles are not necessary also.


So try to remove those unused apps, and some of them are system apps, so we can’t uninstall them, so disable those apps in the app settings. Some apps are very important to us and some are not much, so try to turn off the notifications of those unused and unnecessary apps.


5. Turn off Bluetooth, Wifi, and Location

We cannot use Bluetooth, location, and wifi devices all the time, but some of us enable those locations, Bluetooth, and wifi all the time, even when they are unused.


So try to turn off those features when they are not in use. So many of us are using google maps for locations, so they use their location ON every time, this will reduce your smartphone battery life.


6. Wifi Consumes less power than Cellular data

Mobile phones are mainly for using cellular networks, and also the majority of us are the mobiles on cellulars only.


But some of us have the PC or Laptops in our houses, so we use a wifi network for the systems and laptops, so if we can use those Wifi networks for our mobile data, we can get more battery backup than the normal usage of cellular networks.

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7. Turn off background processing apps

Turning off the Background processing apps and applications in our smartphones increase somewhat battery life than normal usage.

Standard background Processes in mobiles

We can set the background processing limit in developer options in our smartphone settings. Try to set No background processing apps in your mobiles to increase the battery life.


8. Never Use battery-saving apps

Some of us are using battery-saving apps for increasing our smartphone battery life, but the truth is that these battery-saving apps consume more power than normal apps. We have a battery saver mode in our phone default settings, try to use that feature instead of using the third-party apps as battery savers.


9. Use Light and Clean apps

Without any Android or ios apps, we can’t imagine a smartphone, because we can use the mobiles through these applications or apps.


So install so many apps for our comfort, before installing some unnecessary apps we have to look at the size of the app. And apps having more size means consuming more power, not all but some third-party apps.


And also use clean apps for our regular usage, some apps are having junk files and some are having more display apps, by using these apps our smartphone drains quickly.


10. Turn off Animations

Using more Animations in our smartphones also reduces battery life, because the animations consume more power than normal usage. We can easily turn off those animation settings in our smartphone by going into the developer options in settings.


By turning off or reducing the animations in our smartphones, we can easily notice the difference in the speed of our phone and also more battery life.


11. Clear recent apps 

Clearing the recent apps tab in our smartphones also improves battery life.  We constantly use some apps and some of us are very important to us also, but some social media or any other unnecessary apps are in our recent apps always, we are reducing our smartphone battery life.


So always check your recent app’s icon and remove unwanted apps from it and try to keep it clear.


12. Avoid high temperatures

Using our android or iPhones in high temperatures or in heavy sunlight. Our mobiles get heated up and strain the processor and other hardware parts, if the hardware is heated up then our devices consume more power and also reduce the performance of our mobile phone.


So avoid smartphone usage in high temperatures to keep your mobile battery long life and also the good performance of mobile.


13. Turn off Vibrations and Haptic Feedback

Our smartphone speakers also consume more power than we expect, we always use our keyboard to type, so try to turn off the haptic feedback to improve some battery backup.


But some of us love the haptic feedback in the flagship and premium devices, in that case, you can use the haptic feedback. And also using the vibration motor always reduces the battery life of our Android or iPhone.


So try to use your phone in silent mode and also turn off the vibrations and haptic feedback. And also the usage of speakers in our mobiles will drain the battery quickly, instead of that you can use Earphones (Wired or Wireless)


14. Avoid Extreme Gaming

Some of us are really passionate about gaming on mobiles for those this point is not applicable and also can prepare for esports also by practicing on mobiles.


But so many of us are not playing any games on our smartphones, for those also this tip is not applicable. But the remaining ones are trying every game in the play store and app store. And they are not serious about gaming, but they play hours and hours on the smartphones for time pass only.


For those, they are just wasting their time and as well as mobile for those unnecessary things. So try to reduce the heavy gaming in the budget and mid-range mobiles to save the battery life.


15. Keep Your Phone Updated

Updates also matter in smartphone battery life, because some apps and software do not properly work on our smartphones and they drain the battery very quickly, at that time smartphone companies release a software update to resolve the issues in the mobiles.


If we can update those OTA updates to keep our device safe as well as keeping our smartphone battery life for long times. So try to keep your mobile phone up to date. 


tips to increase the battery life of androide and iphones

How to Increase Battery Life Span of Android and iPhones (Battery Age):

Presently we are using Li-ion batteries in our smartphones, these batteries last for only 1 or 2 years after the manufacturing. We can’t directly increase the battery age for many more years, but if we can use some tips and tricks to increase the life of batteries daily, we can increase the age by up to 6 months.


If we can follow the above tips to increase the battery backup of our android and iPhones, then we will definitely notice our smartphone long lasts more life than the normal battery age.


By following some tips mentioned above, improve your battery age of android and iPhones. Use all the tips daily in your day-to-day life smartphone usage, then only you can get more battery backup as well as more battery life and age.



We can’t directly increase the lifetime or age of the battery, but by following the battery backup tips to save the battery daily, then only you can get more lifetime of batteries.


These battery backup tips are the first step to increase the battery life and age, if you successfully complete the first step then only you can go to the second step i.e., increasing battery life or age of android and iPhones.

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