Advantages and Applications of Li-Fi Technology

What is Li-Fi Technology?

In this article, we are going to find out about Li-Fi technology. Li-Fi suggests that light Fidelity.

So, in easy terms, we are able to say that thisLi-Fi technology is nothing however light-based wi-fi technology.

And as we all know, this Wi-Fi is absolutely networked, bi-directional wireless communication technology. wherever knowledge is being transmitted exploitation the radio waves.

While within the case of Li-Fi technology, the information is transmitted within the variety of light exploitation of the diode source of illumination.

These family diode bulbs and diode lamps that area unit used as a light-weight supply also can be wont to transmit the information.

First of all, let’s perceive however this Li-Fi technology works.

If you see any diode source of illumination, if you give the constant current to the current diode bulb, it provides constant illumination or constant brightness.

As we alter the present that’s flowing through the diode bulb, the illumination or brightness of this bulb can modification.

This principle is employed for sending the information wirelessly exploitation this Li-Fi technology.

If no current or minimum current is flowing through this diode bulb then, the brightness of this diode supply is going to be minimum.

And that is going to be treated as digital zero. So, digital zero is going to be transmitted at the receiver facet.

Similarly, once the sunshine bulb is ON, or we are able to say that if most|the utmost|the most} quantity of current is flowing through this diode bulb then the illumination or brightness of the diode bulb are going to be maximum.

And that is going to be treated as a digital one. So, whenever the diode is ON, therefore digital one is going to be transmitted at the receiver facet.

In this manner, by unsteady the diode source of illumination terribly quickly we are able to transmit the information within the variety of 1’s and 0’s to the receiver.

And if this unsteady is occurring 1,000,000 times per second then we are able to not see this unsteady by our naked eyes.

And we will treat this diode bulb supply as a standard regular bulb supply. So, currently, let’s have a look at the schematic of the Li-Fi transmitter and receiver system.

Li-fi technology
So, as you’ll see, the information that is coming back from the web server or the web 1st can head to the electronic equipment, that provides the mandatory modulation to the incoming knowledge stream.

Then this modulated knowledge is fed to the diode driver, which changes the driving current for this diode bulb in line with the incoming streaming knowledge.

At the receiver finish, if you see, the optically received knowledge is 1st born-again into the electrical signal exploitation of the photoreceiver or photodiode.

And when the signal learning, this knowledge is being fed to the pc or portable computer.

So, to receive this incoming knowledge, at the receiver facet we tend to need the Li-Fi electronic device, which consists of a photoreceiver similar because of the transmitter.

Now this infrared transmitter will be wont to transmit the transmission knowledge back to the diode supply. Now, one such company that gives the complete-Fi resolution is Pure LiFi.

Which typically makes these Li-Fi dongles.

Now as we all know however this Li-Fi technology works, currently let’s have a look at the benefits of this Li-Fi technology over the opposite wireless communication technologies.

Advantages of Li-Fi technology:

This area unit a number of the benefits of Li-Fi technology over different wireless communication technologies.

1. Speed and Security

First, let’s point out speed. So, to this point, the researchers have achieved the speed up to the ten Gbps within the lab-scale epitome models.

And this speed will additionally be increased by exploiting the array of diode sources or by exploiting the multiple colors of LEDs like RGB LEDs, wherever every diode supply is ready to transmit the information up to the ten Gbps.

Using such technologies, the researchers have achieved the utmost speed up to a hundred Gbps.

Now let’s compare its speed with different wireless communication technologies.

If we tend to compare it with 4G/LTE or significantly the LET advanced, the utmost realizable speed beneath this LTE advanced is one Gbps for the stationary user and a hundred Mbps for the mobile user.

But of these speeds area unit the in theory realizable most speed. however actual speed is also a lot of lesser compared to the current, in theory, realizable most speed.

If you see the countries which offer the quickest net within the world, the common 4G/LTE speed in such countries as within the vary of 40-50 Mbps, which is far lesser compared to the speed that is provided by the Li-Fi.

Now let’s compare the speed of Li-Fi with Wi-Fi.

wifi technology
Li-Fi Vs WiFi: Speed Comparison

Now, within the case of Wi-Fi, if you see the quality IEEE, the utmost speed which might be supported by this commonplace is one.3 Gbps.

And we use the five Gc band for our local area network association, Li-Fi technology is a hundred times quicker than this local area network technology.

If you see the opposite Wi-Fi commonplace, that isn’t commercially offered however, that’s IEEE, the utmost speed which might be supported by this commonplace is seven Gbps.

And all the speeds that area unit mentioned up here area unit the in theory realizable most speeds.

But the particular speeds are also quite lesser compared to the in theory realizable most speeds.

And still, if we tend to contemplate the utmost speed that is supported by this Wi-Fi technology, the Li-Fi technology continues to be ten times quicker compared to the current Wi-Fi technology.

Well, without delay the speed that is provided by the Wi-Fi technology is enough for our day to day life.

But as we tend to area unit acquiring the time of the web Of Things, wherever every device is ready to speak with one another, before long you’ll notice that the speed of Wi-Fi technology is short for our wants.

And you’ll need insane speeds like100 Gbps, that as of currently appears like a dream.

So, next, if you see the spectrum, the information measure of the radio radiation is up to three hundred Gc.

But if you see the information measure of this spectrum alone, the information measure of this spectrum is around three hundred THz.

Which is nearly a thousand times additional compared to the information measure of the radio waves.

Not solely are you able to deliver the goods the next speed however additionally you’ll not notice any quite magnetism radio interference?

Now within the case of Li-Fi, as we tend to area unit exploitation the light supply, the light supply cannot cross the walls, not like the case of Wi-Fi, wherever the radio waves area unit ready to transmit across the walls.

So this Li-fi technology provides additional security than traditional wireless communication technologies.

This area unit the benefits of Li-Fi technology over Wi-Fi technologies.

Now let’s discuss the applications of Li-Fi technology.

Li-Fi technology
Applications of Li-Fi Technology:

1. This Li-Fi technology will be utilized in hospitals. As this Li-Fi technology is providing terribly high-speed net communication, that the time period health watching of the patient are going to be attainable.


2. aside from that, this Li-Fi technology will be used for underwater communication.


3. Also, exploitation of this technology, the vehicles will communicate with one another exploitation the front and therefore the backlights. And exploitation of this technology, we are able to forestall accidents.


4. Li-Fi technology will be utilized in airplanes to supply the web to passengers.


5. And not solely that if this technology is fitted into our street lights, then even our street lights will give United States of America high-speed net.


6. This Li-Fi Technology is majorly useful for Live streaming.


7. And additionally, this Li-fi technology is employed in colleges and workplaces.

So, this area unit a number of the applications of Li-Fi technology.


But still, if you see, this Li-Fi technology is artistic movement technology.

That means, commercially there isn’t any merchandise that area unit offered that provides the insane speed up to the ten Gbps or 100Gbps.

So, within the approaching years, we would see technologies or devices that support this Li-Fi technology.

So, right now, as we tend to area unit seeing the Free Wi-fi Zone within the restaurant, within the future we would see a Free Li-Fi zone within the restaurant.

The bigger question is “If Li-Fi is that the way forward for the web then what concerning the already existing wireless technologies”.

The answer is that “in future additionally all the prevailing technologies can remain”.

And rather this Li-Fi technology can complement all the prevailing technologies.

Because this Li-Fi is short-range communication. So, exploitation of this technology we are able to not cowl the complete space exploitation of the sunshine.

So, grossly we are able to say after you need massive coverage, we are going to still like Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE however briefly coverage, like within the case of our area or edifice or perhaps workplaces, still preferring this Li-Fi technology.

So, I hope during this article, you perceive concerning this Li-Fi technology and its blessings and Applications.

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