How the Graphene batteries take over the electronics world ?

Graphene Batteries are going to be the future of Electronic Devices because there are so many advantages of using this Graphene material as batteries.

In this article, we discuss the Graphene material properties, applications, and majorly about graphene batteries in smartphones.

What is Graphene

We all realize Graphene. It’s simply defined as ‘Graphene may be a single layer of Graphite’.

Graphite is a carbon allotrope of the nanotube. 

It’s in a hexagonal shape and it’s the only layer of carbon atoms and really light in weight and also transparent in nature and this Graphene material has numerous advantages within the present and future days.

Graphene was invented by ” Andre Geim ” and “Konstantin Novoselov” in 2004. Then they won the Nobel prize in 2010 for his or her great works on researching Graphene.

There are numerous research center’s for this Graphene material everywhere on the planet and scientists are still performing on it.

graphene batteries

Properties of Graphene

Some of the main properties of the graphene material are discussed below.

  1. It’s the strongest material yet discovered within the world. It’s even stronger than Diamond. And it’s 200 times stronger than Steel.
  2. Graphene is extremely light in weight because it’s one layer.
  3. Its Conductivity is extremely high in both heat and electricity.
  4. It can act as a supercapacitor.
  5. It’s flexible in nature and it’s transparent in nature.
  6. It can act as a filter.
  7. It can act as a supercapacitor.

And many more properties and applications are there.

Applications of Graphene

It is utilized in many industries like in medicine, electronics, computing, and filtering salt water into pure water, to form flexible displays and batteries, want to make sensors, and lots of more applications make this Graphene material because of the most usable and helpful material to humans.

One such application of this Graphene material is graphene batteries utilized in electronic devices. and that they are under research and that we will see the graphene batteries soon.

Graphene Batteries in Electronic devices

Graphene can act sort of a supercapacitor and since of its useful properties, it often wants to make the batteries.

While smartphones, smart homes, smartwatches, then many smart gadgets are growing very fastly, there’s still limited power.

In the past we used lead-acid batteries, then we are using lithium-ion batteries in most devices within the present days. 

But these Li-ion batteries can last just for one or two days only.

When we replace lithium with Graphene we will get more capacity from graphene and it also can be Very lightweight and versatile also. And charging time for graphene batteries is extremely much but the lithium battery.

Graphene batteries are often charged within 15min only. and that we get 80 percent more battery backup than the lithium batteries. And also battery lifetime also increased by using Graphene.

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And this battery has more battery cycles. Also, this will help the device to run more days.

But the value for preparing the Graphene is extremely high at this stage.

In the future, if the value will reduce then we will see more applications from graphene.

Graphene batteries will also be available in 2020 or in 2021 by Samsung and Huawei companies.

Graphene Batteries in Foldable Phones

Samsung already announced that they’re getting to launch their new phone with the Graphene battery in 2020. 

And recently Huawei is additionally performing on Graphene batteries.

Foldable phone technology was already started in 2019 and this may continue within the future but still, there are some problems with the foldable phones like plastic screen and battery problems like small in capacity. 

These problems are solved by using the Graphene material. If we use this Graphene battery in foldable Smartphones and laptops we get more battery backup and high capacity.


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