Higher MegaPixel(MP) Count Really Matters in Smartphone Cameras?

Higher MegaPixel MP Really Matters?

The answer is Not any, because the Megapixel MP provides us only about the resolution, that’s if your mobile features a higher MegaPixel camera then you’ll get more resolution pictures with more size and it is often useful to print during a large-sized paper.

Only Megapixels can’t decide the standard of the image but numerous factors are included to define the standard of a picture.  Here the Megapixel means 1000,000 pixels during a single image.

The question arises thanks to many folks thinking that the more the amount of MegaPixel means better the image quality, that’s not true. This confusion within the customers arises thanks to the smartphone companies using these higher MP tactics in their business promotion and that they use 48MP, 64MP, 108MP, and 150MP also.

This higher MP provided by the businesses is merely for the namesake only but the important performance not only depends on this higher MP Count. Not only this higher MegaPixel or MP but also using other tactics like Triple camera, Quad camera, and Penta camera also.

This is often just for namesake but all the cameras within the phones aren’t good. This is often a marketing technique for the Smartphone companies to draw in the people towards their products and mobiles because they provide lower prices and provide more specifications, but the reality is merely the first camera in such mobiles are good and remaining cameras are just for namesake.

Higher MegaPixel Camera

Factors Defining the standard of Image:

It majorly depends on the camera lenses and therefore the focal lengths and aperture of the camera sensor utilized in mobile, and one among the main factors for the standard of images is predicated on image processing of the mobile supported SoC within the mobile.

Many flagship mobile companies like Apple, Google, Samsung companies are using the lower MegaPixel count that they only use 12MP or 10MP primary cameras in their flagship mobiles, they do not specialize in the upper MP, they only specialize in image processing and therefore the quality of sensor and image.

We’ve numerous camera sensor manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, etc within the market.

Here higher MegaPixel means bigger the dimensions of the sensor. that’s useful to require more light into the sensor, take good low light pictures and therefore the image size also increases, it’s going to be useful to capture more details within the picture when the image processing is sweet on the mobile.

Higher MegaPixel Camera

Mobile Manufacturers Gimmick:

Flagship mobiles giving some decent camera sensors and Triple or Quad camera setup with all cameras are useful and dealing alright. The wants of the users are Primary sensors with good Stabilization, Ultra wide-angle camera, Telephoto Sensor for optical zoom, and ToF 3D camera.

These all cameras are majorly seen in flagship mobiles but the mid-range mobiles even have the Quad camera setup but the reality is merely the first sensor gave us the great performance and therefore the wide-angle camera also good at daylight conditions and the remaining two sensors are Depth sensor and macro sensor with none use for the folk.

We will take the depth mode or portrait mode using normal cameras in numerous mobiles and macro cameras aren’t employed by any folks. This macro camera is merely useful for the people that are within the photography profession.

Recently Samsung also used this higher MegaPixel or Higher MP within the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S20 series, but numerous critics say that the traditional 12MP camera is better than this 108MP camera sensor utilized in Samsung galaxy S20 Ultra.

Within the present market, the simplest cameras during a smartphone are either from iPhone or from Google Pixels, and both the businesses are using only 12MP or 10MP cameras in their smartphones.


So if you would like to shop for a camera-centric phone then don’t trap during this higher MegaPixels within the Smartphone camera before buying a replacement mobile, just think with sense and choose the simplest camera performance phone instead of a higher MP phone.

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