What is WiFi calling or Voice Over WiFi (VoWiFi)

Presently we’ve VoLTE in our smartphones but this voice LTE calls aren’t much help in some low mobile network areas. So this WiFi Calling or VoWiFi (voice over WiFi) is useful to us in that situation.


This WiFi calling became a part of mobile technology in recent days because we saw this feature in every phone launching in this year.


This VoWiFi is a very helpful feature for us to make voice calls without any network connection and also it will give the best voice calls clarity compared with mobile networks.


So in this article, we discuss ‘What is WiFi calling?’, advantages and disadvantages of WiFi calling, and how to Enable this WiFi calling on our mobile phone.

wifi calling

What is WiFi calling?


WiFi calling is making voice calls using our broadband connection. By using the WiFi router home in our home we will make crystal clear voice calls to a different mobile network.


In our day to day life in some areas like home or workplaces, we do not have the network reception for our mobile network, in cases, this VoWiFi calling is extremely helpful to everyone.


VoWiFi is additionally called VoWLAN (Voice over wireless LAN) uses the wireless broadband connection to form voice conversation by using the web connection with no mobile network.


By using this VoWiFi calling we will make free calls to networks, and cheaper local and international calls.


Almost every mobile chipset quite Snapdragon 660 SoC can support this WiFi calling and therefore the recent iPhones also support this WiFi calling. 


All the mobiles which may support the 4G network will support this WiFi calling.


But the Android phones aren’t giving the choice for the purchasers due to the broadband connection recently started this WiFi calling in their broadband connection services.


Every smartphone launched in 2020 will support this WiFi calling. 


In many countries, this WiFi calling has already been used since last year. Android and iOS devices accepted the universal standards for VoIP calls to offer more battery life and the best user experience.


Already existing smartphones are becoming this WiFi calling facility through the OTA updates.


Advantages and Disadvantages of WiFi calling:


This VoWiFi calling gives the simplest voice calls during a clear way in-home or business places where the network reception is low.


But this WiFi calling is new and this is often supported by few broadband services and a few smartphones also don’t support this WiFi calling.


The major disadvantage of WiFi calling is that we have to log into an additional network for this WiFi calling. There is also a discussion as to whether WLAN radiation is harmful to health.

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How to Enable WiFi calling in your smartphone:


If your mobile phone supports this WiFi calling or VoWiFi you’ll attend settings then attend mobile data and look for WiFi calling options in it and enable the choice. 


For using this WiFi calling feature you would like to turn off the mobile data. This WiFi calling enables almost the same option in Android mobiles and iOS mobiles.


In India, Airtel and Jio launched their WiFi calling feature already, and the remaining networks also launch within the future. 


Airtel launched this VoWiFi in December 2019 and Jio launched this VoWiFi in January 2020.


They launched only in selected areas but the remaining areas will get this feature soon. 


And every one of the smartphones doesn’t support this feature immediately but the smartphone companies also said that they allow this VoWiFi or WiFi calling option in every mobile through OTA updates soon.


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