Top 10 Technological Blogs in the World 2022

Top 10 Technological Blogs


Are you searching for the best technical blogs with the latest technological news? So, you don’t have to worry, your searching ends here. In this blog, we are going to suggest to you the top 10 ten technological blog sites where you will find the best and informative blogs related to technology. 


As every human is related to technology in every aspect of their life, for which it is important to know about the ongoing updates in the technological field. In today’s date, it is relevant to stay updated with the newest technological trends, digital industry, and social media in general.


It is almost a big deal to be updated with every update in the digital industry. So, the only best way to keep it updated is the information available online. So, if you want to keep going with the updates you have to go through the intuitive and informative articles which would help you to be updated consistently with the trends.


So, in this article, we are going to suggest to you the topmost 10 blogs sites which will be informative and will keep you updated with the day-to-day updates.


Let’s take a look at some of the best technological blogs right here!!



 Wired can be considered to be one of the best and popular publications of this era. They cover every technological-related topic with attractive creative and comprehensive skills in their writing. It is one of the best tech blogs to follow.


This publication is good at capturing the real insights related to the tech industry. This channel is fully dedicated to the new age of life and technological updates. You will get every solution to your queries related to tech trends, the latest updates, and gadget-related problems.


This blog is considered one of the best blogs which deliver informative and relevant topics to their audience.


  • FOUNDER- Louis Rossetto, Jane Metcalfe
  • The year started: 1993


2. Tech Crunch

This is one of the best blogs which will help you to invest in the business universe of the tech world. This blog publishes the best articles and deals with the business related to technology, analysis of the emerging technological updates, and lists out the best new technological products. It is the first publication that focuses on technology startups and the funding rounds.


Techcrunch is the knowledge reservoir of new gadgets and business-related apps. It can also be considered as the ocean of knowledge on the internet and startups.


3. Recodes:

Records give the most updated technology news, analysis, and trending news. It also gives one of the best reviews from the best journalists as well as from other bloggers. The main focus of the recode blogs is the business related to the revolution in silicon valley. They keep updated with all the latest technology tips and tech products and also keep their audience updated with their latest knowledge.


  • FOUNDER: Kara Swisher
  • The year started: 2014


4. Mashable:

Mashable is one of the best and world-famous entertainment and multi-platform media channels. This is considered one of the best sources of technical, digital, and cultural news. These blogs have influenced the audience a lot by their content. They help the audience to catch up with the ongoing technological updates and digital trends, They have also influenced the audience through their technological blogs. These blogs mostly cover everything happening around the world including finance, travel, and the queries related to gadgets.


  • FOUNDER: Pete Cashmore
  • YEAR STARTED: 2005


5. CNET:

CNET can be one of the best blogs on this list. It follows the latest news related to consumer technology with steadfast precision.

CNET mostly focuses on all the fields of the technology industry like the queries related to tech products, trends, and reviews. These blogs also guide the audience Via. articles, Tech videos, and up-to-date news on everything starting from sports to technology. If you are searching for a good one then CNET will be the best choice for finding the best and informative news related to the technical and digital industry.


  • FOUNDER: Halsey Minor, Shelby Bonnie
  • Year Started: 1994



6. The Verge:

Verge provides one of the best substantial coverage and also provides quality and informative vlogs related to technological updates. They also publish blogs related to entertainment, Gadget, news guidebooks, and podcast-related review. The review made by these blogs helps the audience to choose the best gadgets from the market. This is considered to be the most knowledgeable and equipped website in the present day for technological products and blogs. These blogs seem to get hands-on with each technological topic and gadget.


  • FOUNDER: Joshua Topolsky, Jim Bankoff, Marty moe
  • Year Started: 2011


7. Venturebeat:

This blog mostly focuses on transformative tech events and news. They attract the audience through their comprehensive content about their prime business along with the incisive coverage of the gaming industry.


It is also famously known for the events they organize formed around big deals and technological trends.


  • FOUNDER: Matt Marshall
  • Year Started: 2006



8. Slashdot: 

These blogs are famously known for their technological blogs based upon open-source, security gadgets, reviews, and product management. It is presented on the internet as “News for nerds. Stuff that matters” It also produces articles that feature news stories on technology, science, politics, and on many more topics. The most advantageous part about this blog is that they give the classy techy feel without the interruption of any advertisement which attracts the visitor the most.


  • FOUNDER: Rob Malda, Jeff Bates
  • Year Started: 1997


9. Gizmodo:

This can be one of the best blogs to be followed on the internet for the latest news related to digital gadgets. These blogs provide detailed articles and guides to using the newly released gadget in the market. Besides this, it also provides many new ideas that can increase the value of the digital industry. This popular blog helps the audience to keep the updates at their fingertips. Thus, overall it is the best site to visit if you are searching for the best online guide.


  • FOUNDER: Pete Rojas
  • Year started:2001


10. Engadget:

This is the blog that has expanded from a humble news organization to the leading global tech blog. This blog mainly focuses on the reviews and the news related to entertainment and technology. The audience leaves the site with both satisfactory and informative ideas related to their respective fields. This can also be said to be one of the best sites to know some of the best and early tech publications. It covers all the technological fields like the latest hardware and gadgets, the new video games, and all about NASA technology. This is one of the best blog sites for tech lovers.


  • FOUNDER: Pete Rogas
  • Year: 2004


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