Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education (Online Learning)

One of the greatest business magnates and the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates once said “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating   them, the teacher is the most important”


Hi everyone! Hope that all of you are fine in your homes in this pandemic situation. 


In this article we are going to discuss one of the trending topics in this pandemic situation i.e., Online Classes (or) Online education (or) Online learning (or) E-learning (or) Distance learning


So let us discuss the “Advantages and disadvantages of online education” or we may say “online classes”.  Or “Pros  and Cons of the online education or online learning”


We all are aware that the coronavirus is spreading rapidly and has entirely shaken the world. We were all obliged to change our routines. 


In these bizarre circumstances, we had to shift from classroom education to something we call online education. 

advantages and disadvantages of online classes

Now, what does online education really mean? 


Let us check it out. Online education is a type of education that takes place on an internet platform using miscellaneous kinds of presentations, images, videos, etc., 


where the teachers teach the students through a live and interactive class. 


So let us take a look at the disadvantages of online learning here  

Advantages and Disadvantages of e-learning

Disadvantages of Online Education (Online Learning):


1. As Bill Gates quotes, teachers play a very significant role in the life of every student. But many teachers do not have much familiarity in the field of technology. 


And it is apparent that if the teachers and students are not trained properly it will affect the student’s studies adversely. 


2. This is because online education is just a band-aid solution for the current situation and everything was done in a hurry. 


3. Giving knowledge to parents is also essential. when parents don’t know about this online learning platform then they not show much interest in knowing their children learning online or not.


4. The financial background of the student also matters. yes without money we can’t get the devices or gadgets required for the online classes.

For the internet or data connectivity, we must spend some money.


Roughly, 270 million people in India live in poverty. 


A student from a poor family who even struggles for his daily meals thus may not be able to afford the devices and facilities required to access online education. 


This doesn’t mean that those who have resources do not face any problems. 56 % of smartphone users in India do not have access to the internet at least once a day.


5. Another fact about online education is that as students are spending a lot of time in front of the screen they may experience various health problems. 


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6. Children lack concentration in an online class as the teachers can’t keep an eye on them and they are carried away into their own dreamlands by the endless notifications and messages. 


7. Also values such as moral and social discipline cannot be taught online.


8. Another inevitable issue of online education is that all the subjects cannot be taught online.  


Subjects like art and lab practicals of science and computer cannot be taught online making the student poor in that particular field. 


Well, we discuss a lot of disadvantages. But you shouldn’t misjudge that online education is worse than classroom education.


It is more beneficial if it is executed properly. So let us discuss the major advantages of online learning below

Advantages and Disadvantages of online learning

Advantages of Online Education (Online Learning):


1. The greatest advantage of online education is that we can access it from anywhere helping physically challenged children to fulfill their dreams. 


2. Students can study from the comfort of their homes saving their transportation cost. 


3. Parents can keep a direct check on their students’ studies. Even the weather doesn’t obstruct online education. 


4.Students find it easier to understand when they are taught with the help of animations, graphics, images, etc. 


5. Also students get more free time in online education.


6. Parents, teachers as well as students get a lot of knowledge in the field of technology through this type of education. 


7. Also students affected with communicable diseases can even attend the online class as there is no fear of spreading at all.  


Like any other thing, online education has its own advantages and disadvantages. 


But most of its disadvantages can be fixed. The government must take the necessary actions so that all the students have the proper devices and facilities to attend an online class.


Let us hope that a bright future is awaiting us and all of us will be able to overcome this situation and rise again like a phoenix bird.


I hope you will get some knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of online classes by reading this article.




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