Best Time To Buy Electronics In Online (Q4 of Year)

When to Buy Electronics?

If you would like to shop for any electronic products like mobile, laptop, television, refrigerator, AC, and a few other products, then first realize “what to buy?” then “when to buy the Electronics?” (you want to buy).

If you’ve got the answers to these 2 questions then you’ll buy any product by saving some money i.e., simply cheap and best. during this article, we’re getting to discuss “When to Buy Electronics?” In other articles, we’ll discuss “what to Buy?” for every product like mobile, laptop, television, refrigerator, AC, and any electronic devices and gadgets.

  Best time to buy electronics

First select your product you would like to shop for then select where to shop for Online or Offline, in recent times many folks like better to buy anything from online instead of offline, due to the lower prices online.


Any product brand launched their products at the starting or middle of the year and that they won’t sell at high prices at the starting then after 6 months of the merchandise launch date, the worth will automatically right down to lower prices compared with the starting price, at that point, we will buy the merchandise (keep in mind major branded products doesn’t reduce the prices).


Attempt to buy products the maximum amount as possible within the 1 year of the merchandise launch date, if you purchase any product after 2 years then that product will become 2 generations old that’s it becomes old and also we’ve advanced version of the merchandise by an equivalent company and also numerous options available within the market, electronic devices also consume more power after 2 years of usage.

Answer: Q4 is the Best Time to Buy Electronics Online

Then moving to the straight account the question “when to buy products?”.


The solution is at the end of the year that’s within the months of October to December or the 4th Quarter of a year (Q4).


Because any manufacturer wants to launch more products during a year, in order that they launch new products per annum or six months, in order that they want clear the old stock before or after launching the new product, in order that they reduce the costs for the prevailing products to clear its stock they called it as “Stock Clearance Sales” this stock clearance Sales are majorly held in online stores they called this as “Year-End Sales” because they provide more discounts and offers for several products during this sale at the top of the year within the months of October, November, and December.


There are some reasons behind huge discounts on Amazon and Flipkart.


Before buying the products just await the proper time then pop out, for this situation of the planet is under financial crisis thanks to the effect of COVID19 so avoid buying unnecessary things at this point to save lots of the cash for subsequent few months, because the costs of every product will drastically be increased after this financial crisis to urge the market back and to extend the GDP of the country.


Therefore the taxes also will increase to export products from other countries to our country. India already increased their GST on mobile phones from 12% to 18% on smartphones, this increase in GST already started on 1st April 2020.


Within the coming days remaining countries also will increase their taxes to get over this situation of every country.

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My Verdict:

Finally, Tech Geek suggestion is that if you would like to shop for any product from online stores, then save and keep the cash for the year-end sales and a few festivals offer like Amazon great Indian festival and Flipkart Big billion days and buy the simplest value for money products within the offer sales given by both manufacturer and online stores also.


Don’t commit to corporate strategies like marketing as newly launched products and a few special features, buy the products when it’s necessary, and do not waste the cash.


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