What Is a ‘WEBSITE’? And How Does It Work?

What is a Website?

“Everybody Reading this article is well aware of what a website is”. The website is being considered to be the information bank. A website is all about the display of the information you are searching for on the internet, made up of elements like text, images, buttons, links, and videos.


How Does a Website Work?

Let’s take a simple example to know that what a website is all about:


Like a human life, we contain a generic code in our DNA that makes us unique and the markers which make us. The things which make a human unique are eye color, fingerprint, Hair type, Skin color, and many other characteristics. And all these elements that make you unique are the unique generic codes that are present in your DNA.


Similarly, the website works in the same mechanism. It is also a collection of unique codes which make a website unique. A programmer uses the HTML language to plan out a website. 


All those elements of the website are the visual elements of all the codes written by the programmer or in a simple language, it can be said to be the output of the codes which are designed for the website.


Everyone thinks that the website is an application or a web browser but the website is not all about that, though it may contain those elements. It is simply all about collecting and displaying the information on a large scale publicly. Hence, we can also conclude that as our body contains cells that are guided by DNA, Similarly the website is a collection of web pages that are guided by the HTML codes.


Types of Web Pages:

As per the internet server, there are 1.9 billion websites online. There are different types of websites which you would find on the internet and it is quite confusing to decide which is the best for your use. As a tech lover, you should have a brief idea about all the websites to decide which is beneficial to you.


So, let have a look at different types of websites:


1. Single Page Websites:


It can be considered to be the gateway to your brand. It is the face and the hub which will attract the audience towards the business. In this type of website, the design of the page matters a lot as this is the only way by which your customer reaches you. While designing the page the programmer needs to be cautious about the customer’s interest and the products they are working for.


Magazine websites:

This type of website is mostly made up of elements like articles, videos, and photos that are informative and educational. As in the present day, every field has turned out their face towards the online platform; likely in the past 20 years, the magazine industry has turned out towards the online platform. This website is mainly used by universities and educational institutions for advertisement and informative articles.


Social Media Pages:

Today social media pages contain 2.77 billion users and no matter who your target audience is, you can surely reach your audience easily.


Contact pages:

A contact directory page is mostly used to make connections. This page helps to connect through the website.


E-commerce pages:

As on this day, every human is acquainted with online shopping websites, these are the pages where you can purchase and can take advantage of enjoying the services online.



These types of websites use to feature updated articles, photos, and videos regularly; this is the page that is mostly used by the business industry to advertise their business models.


Benefits of Owning a Website:

Today having a company website is as important as having a mobile number. As per the survey, 6 out of 10 companies use company websites to advertise their business models among the audience. Having a website can give you the advantage of attending to your customer 24/7 anywhere anytime. There is a great chance of losing your customer if you are not able to attend to them every time.


It is also beneficial while exchanging information among the buyers and the seller. It is also a good way to communicate with the customers and take their feedback regarding the products.


You are at a disadvantage if you don’t have a website nowadays. But the type of website and functionality usually depends upon what purpose will the website serve? Even if you’re an amateur at coding, and the type of functionality you want is very basic you can code it yourself. 


But if you want something more functional and apt for your needs you can hire a developer pretty cheap these days depending upon what you want him to develop. There are several freelance websites with numerous developers looking forward to taking a freelance project.


Even better option nowadays is using website builders like Wix to make your own shop or Shopify, for example. And if you want to make a blog and share your experiences on it you can look forward to using WordPress which requires no coding ability on your part to get started. Starting a website and hosting it has never been so easy and cheap as it is now. So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge now and buy a hosting plan now.


An important part of any website is traffic. If you’re using any provider to make your website they will take care of that and provide you with a good user interface to insert keywords. But if you’ve coded it yourself, you need to know at what places you will have to inject the SEO keywords. 


This way you have more fine-grained control over your content but your workload increases a bit. Hope you loved our article and are going to start a website after reading this. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Want to know more about websites, then check out the Wikipedia page!

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