Changing Smartphones Every 1 Year is Necessary!

Every one of us owns a smartphone, but some of us are changing smartphones every year, is it worth the upgrade or not?


So in this article, we discuss whether changing smartphones every year is worth the upgrade or not, and many things about upgrading smartphones.

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Changing Smartphones Every Year Worth it?

While the smartphone technology became the simplest in each segment and everybody wants to always use the new mobiles within the marketplace for some new improvements within the mobiles.


And mobile companies also launched their new mobile every two months, can we modify or upgrade our mobile Phone every year?


The answer is NO:


The answer is Not any, because there’s NO major reason to upgrade the mobile every year or 6 months.


Because the successor of every mobile launched after the 2 or three gaps, there are not many huge improvements within the new mobile compared with the older one.


Companies just change or upgrade one or segments within the older mobile and name it the successor or new mobile.


Companies make changes in System on a Chip (SoC), cameras, build quality, fast charging, etc.


And advertise in a huge manner and make their marketing well using this one or two upgrades within the new mobile.


The average lifespan of each mobile is 3 years or 36 months. Every smartphone brand or company provides security patch updates for a minimum of three years and Google provides a minimum of 2 years of Android updates.


The answer is YES:

If you’re a techy or tech professional, who wants to use all the new mobiles and test them.


Then you’ll buy the new mobile for the new technologies included within the new smartphones like higher refresh rates and new designs, etc.


If you want to know that these mobile phones or electronic gadgets are depreciated assets means the worth of the products decreases alongside the period of time.


For instance, if you purchase a replacement mobile at Rs 20,000 price then you would like to shop for your new one for 1 or 2 months then you’ll rise up to only Rs 15,000 to Rs 17,000 for your new mobile after 2 months of usage, that’s you’ll get Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 of loss for this product.

Upgrading iPhones:

If you are using an iPhone or iOS it easily lasts for a minimum of 5 years and Apple also provides updates for a minimum of 4 years and therefore the security in iOS is additionally excellent.

ios 14

While you’re confused between choosing android or iOS, you’ll also know the main differences between android and iOS here


While the smartphone companies specialize in improving their market share within the mobile market they always want to launch their new products and highlighting the tiny upgrades for the older product and name it the successor and compare the performance of the latest product with the older one.


But the very fact is if there would be slight improvements in SoC and RAM and performance in benchmarks, but the truth is the nearly similar performance between the 2 mobiles (older and new mobiles).


Many research organizations give the reports as many of the smartphone users use their mobile for a minimum of 2 years then after they replace or upgrade their mobile.


From this information, we will know that nobody wants to upgrade their mobile annually or want to use multiple mobiles at a time.


we all have a doubt with this one if nobody wants to upgrade their mobile per annum, why do smartphone companies launch numerous mobiles every year?


The solution for this question from the Smartphone manufacturers or companies is that they want to enhance their market share and need to offer more options for patrons choosing the simplest phone at each price segment and therefore the competition between companies also hugely increases, this could be useful to the purchasers also.


If you actually want to upgrade your mobile then you want to wait a minimum 2 years after buying the new mobile then only you’ll get the new mobiles with some major improvements, if you upgrade it for 6 months or 1 year you cannot notice many improvements within the new mobiles.


And If you would like to shop for a replacement mobile or replace your mobile with the new one you want to consider some major things before buying the new mobile.


Also, know about midrange vs flagship mobiles here


My Verdict

So don’t waste some time and money on unnecessary things like changing smartphones every 6 months or 1 year, make every penny useful to you.


I think you can get some knowledge about changing smartphones every year is not much necessary and hope you can choose the best mobile for you.


Hey, if you want to give any suggestions to the Tech Geek, then comment down below.

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